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Mammoth Recording Studio provides a wide variety of audio services including music recording, mixing and mastering, voiceover and podcast recording, audio production for film and advertising, access to our video production partners, rehearsal and event space, and much more! Contact us to book your next session!

Mojave MA-300 at Mammoth Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY


Allow us to work with you to record your musical, or other sound project. Feel comfortable performing in our specially designed rooms with the help of our experienced audio engineers.

Vocal Booth at Mammoth Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY

Voiceover Recording

Step into our cozy vocal booth to record  your voice for ads, film production, and anything else! We can also connect with your remote producer to achieve great sounding audio from afar! 

Midas Pro4c Vintage Analog Console at Mammoth Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY


The mixing process is where we blend and shape your sound. Here we adjust the volume of individual tracks, and add effects, compression and EQ to shape the sound and make everything gel together. 

Tape Machine


Mastering is the final step in the recording process where we holistically add the last bit of processing, EQ and compression to add balance and help the finished audio translate reliably among different speakers.

Shure SM7B at Mammoth Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY

Podcast Recording

Do you host a podcast, and struggle to get high quality audio? Work with  our skilled engineers and specially treated spaces to achieve the professional quality you're looking for. 

Artist inVocal Booth at Mammoth Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY

Audio Book Recording

Spend some time, comfortable in our studio to record your audiobook!  Focus completely on your reading performance and allow us to capture your best work! 

Live Room at Mammoth Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY

Rehearsal Space Rental

Are you an out of town band or solo artist that needs space to rehearse? Perhaps you are traveling through on tour, and want to record some new song ideas while killing time between gigs. We can provide space for you to work!

Choir at Mammoth Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY

Event Hosting

Do you have an event you'd like to host, and are looking for a unique space? Look no further than our spacious yet intimate Live Room for your next private event!

Video Recording at Mammoth Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY

Video Recording

We provide a stylish and excellent sounding venue to capture your band's live performance, filmed interview or anything else you want caught on video. While we don't offer video services ourselves, we are partnered with some of the best video production companies around, and can help you connect and arrange video shoots in our space! 


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